Property Taxation Intensive Seminar

Property Taxation Intensive by Richard Oon

The Budget 2014 introduced drastic changes to the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) rates that made many property investors asking:

  • Is it still attractive to invest in properties?
  • What should my strategies be, in view of the changes in the tax rates?
  • Are there any ways I can still reduce my tax exposure legally?

Well, here’s an opportunity  for you to have all the above questions answered and MORE.

Due to the revamp of the RPGT landscape, it’s time to adopt new taxation strategies in your property investments. I would like to share with you HOW to  use this to your advantage when you invest in properties.

In addition, with the proposed introduction of the Goods and Services Tax effective from 1 April 2015, how will this affect property prices and what are the implications on my current property investment portfolio and future property investment decisions?

Come join me in my ONE-DAY Property Taxation Intensive course and you will learn:

  • Avoid common mistakes made by taxpayers
  • Tricks to mitigate the exposure of your property sale from being caught under income tax RPGT
  • How GST affects the property investor
  • The usage of business vehicles, the tax implications and tax planning tips to minimise your tax:
    • Rental income as a business source
    • Sell shares in companies/Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) owning properties and pay not a single sen of tax LEGALLY!
    • Benefits of the LLP in property investments
  • LOTS of practical tax-savings tips!
All of this will be happening in Kuala Lumpur, on 15th March 2014!
With all this learning that will save you LOADS of taxes in your property investments, you only need to invest in yourself:

Wait, if you really are SERIOUS in investing in your education, I’m going to make you a ONE TIME OFFER of
RM1,288 ONLY
That’s not all; I’m sure you’ll find this course is definitely value for money, as you will also get, among others, the following:
  1. Automated RPGT template which you can use to calculate and submit your RPGT returns on your own, or use it for your each individual property investment to track the expenditure incurred and calculate the RPGT exposure on the eventual disposal of each property at a given disposal price and time (we charge our clients at least RM800 for RPGT computation and submission);
  2. Badges of trade checklist which you can assess the exposure of your property transactions to Income Tax (we charge our clients at least RM1,500 using this checklist);
  3. Various tax exposure modeling templates and checklists (worth at least RM1,000); and
  4. A simple Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) partners’ agreement which you can use to develop your own LLP agreement (worth at least RM800, if you let the lawyers do it for you).


Would you like to buy properties together with me?

If the answer is a big ‘YES’, then let me invite you be a part of Swhengtee International Investor’s Club, where you will get a first year’s FREE MEMBERSHIP worth RM5,000 if you were to sign up for my course NOW.

As a member of the club, you will have the privilege of buying properties at special prices, attending many free seminars and also a chance timetable other members in Malaysia and other countries.

Please do note that this offer price is only valid for the first 10 participants. As some of the earlier participants can testify, the participants who registered and paid earlier (pricing was lower earlier due to promotion), even though they were not able to make it for the earlier designated sessions, still enjoyed the same rate when attending the later sessions as they had already locked in their pricing earlier. I therefore encourage you to take action NOW.

2 thoughts on “Property Taxation Intensive Seminar

  1. Richard,
    I attended your talk during the Property Fair in Penang on February 4. It was very informative. Like the MC Joo Tee said, you made a boring subject interesting.
    Can I have one complimentary ticket to attend the 2014 Property Forecast seminar in KL on Feb 15 and learn more?
    Thank you.

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