Engineering Your Road to Financial Freedom

Note from Malaysian Taxation 101: JH Lee is a long-time friend and a client of mine. While many slog to achieve financial freedom, JH had already achieved financial freedom when he was in his late 30s!  I was fortunate to convince JH to share some of his secrets with the readers of Malaysian Taxation 101

I have enough money not to need to work ever again. I didn’t inherit this wealth. Nor did I win the lottery. I didn’t cheat or steal or do dirty deals. I achieved my personal financial freedom through a combination of planning, hard work and discipline. It took me 12 years, with plenty of mistakes and setbacks along the way, but now I am free of wage slavery forever.

The good news is that anyone who follows the same processes can also achieve personal financial freedom. The bad news is that my method does not offer a short cut to getting rich. Then again, would you believe me if it did? Deep down, we all know that the best things in life do not come easy.

Definition of Financial Freedom

My definition of financial freedom is: the ability to live life the way you want via passive income, while having full control of your time. Another way of saying this would be: if you don’t have time to kill, you are not financially free.

The conventional definition is: financial freedom comes when you have saved a nest egg large enough that the passive income earned from your savings will replace your current income when you decide to retire taking inflation into account.

The Main Process Steps for Financial Freedom is as below:-

1)    Attain initial capital by investing in your day job;

2)    Continuously search for high-yield/low-risk investments for your capital, coupled with short-term calculated risks;

3)    Monitor your net worth, income/expenses and survival years chart to know your direction at all times;

4)    Fine tune your investments and spending to suit your comfort level;

5)    Insulate yourself from things that are beyond your control through medical insurance.

Engineering Your Road to Financial FreedomThe reason I started writing this book was to ensure that whatever the future holds for me, my kids will have a blueprint for success in life. It is also aimed at friends who have come to me to seek financial advice over the years. I hope sincerely that my book will help anyone who feels that they are trapped in a financial web and wants to break free.

My book can be found at eBay. Alternatively, you could write to me at if you are interested.


Note from  Malaysian Taxation 101: I have known JH since schooldays. Unlike many other authors, he is not a financial planner by profession and he does not have any products to sell to the reader. His reason for writing this book is merely to share his experience on how the common man can achieve financial freedom by having and applying some basic financial knowledge. This interesting book will enlighten the reader on how to get out of the rat-race early in life and achieve financial freedom, like JH did. Unlike other financial planning books, this book is easy to read, as JH conveys his points in layman’s terms, so that the reader will not be confused by the complexities of financial jargon.

I’ve gotten my own autographed copy of the book from JH! Isn’t it time you got yours too?

About JH Lee

JH Lee is an accomplished entrepreneur, a strategic investor and an avid financial and management consultant. He has 20 years experience in integrating business planning strategies with engineering methodologies that helps business units achieve corporate goals. During his 13-year tenure at a MNC, JH led a large and complex Assembly Test Manufacturing operation and was a strong advocate of Operational Excellence and LEAN Thinking. There, he drove a systematic approach to setting clear business direction and established efficient structures and processes for execution. He won numerous awards for leading a diverse workforce to deliver bottom-line results for the company. Since then, JH has played an integral role in starting up an engineering design and development business, consulted SMEs on increasing their productivity through LEAN process, and became an ardent financial consultant. JH earned his Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communications) degree from University of Tasmania, Australia and is a Certified Trainer on TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) from JIPM, Japan. JH is also the co-founder of Talent Bound Sdn. Bhd., a company that focuses on training, consultancy and shared services.

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